The Peace-of-mind Guardian Orgone Pyramid

A gift in support of global love and healing: we’re on a mission to uplift humanity through the power of nature and ancient wisdom - and this bestselling orgone pyramid is our sincere offering to you.

Handcrafted with natural amethyst crystals: our crystals are pure, ethically harvested, and sustainably sourced.

A potent amplifier of love and positive emotions: amethyst is amazing at dispelling negative energy, self-doubt, and disempowering emotions. It guides you to a spiritual sense of innner peace,self-love, and also widens your capacity to give love.

Place it in your living spaces to enjoy its empowering effects: we recommend your work space, living room, or any living space where you’d like to make better intuitive decisions, manifest brilliant ideas and solutions, and access your inner peace.

Material: Amber