Solar Powered Car Aromatherapy Ornament

The Future of Car Fragrance at Your Fingertips

Introducing our Solar Rotating Double Ring Suspension Car Aromatherapy Ornament – a perfect blend of cutting-edge technology and eco-friendliness. Embrace the future with a touch of innovation as this air freshener takes center stage, enhancing your space with a refreshing fragrance.

Here’s Why You’ll Love this product

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✓ 1 YEAR INTERNATIONAL WARRANTY:   For that extra peace of mind.

✓ POWERED BY THE SUN: Say goodbye to batteries and welcome solar-powered convenience. This ingenious device harnesses the sun's energy to drive its motor, creating an enchanting rotation that adds a touch of mesmerizing technology to any environment.

A FRAGRANCE YOU'LL LOVE: Infuse your surroundings with a mild and non-irritating fragrance. Crafted from pure plant-extracted essential oils, our aroma will captivate your senses. Plus, it's safe for everyone, including children and pregnant women.

✓ BANISHING UNWANTED ODOURS: Unveil the magic of this aromatherapy ornament as it fills your space with delightful scents. Watch as it effortlessly eliminates unwanted odours, dispels lingering peculiar smells, and even masks the scent of cigarettes.

ECO-FRIENDLY: This air freshener not only adds a touch of elegance to your home or car, but it also contributes to a greener planet. Its solar-powered design aligns with your eco-conscious values, reducing the need for disposable batteries.

 SLEEK DESIGN WITH GLASS BALL: The focal point of this ornament is the exquisite glass ball, which sits gracefully within the structure. Its transparency adds an element of visual delight, allowing you to see the aromatherapy process in action. The glass ball's artistic presence complements the metal and plastic body seamlessly. Available in an array of striking colours including Red, Silver, Black, Gold, or Blue, the ornament effortlessly elevates any interior or exterior.


 Material: Metal/Plastic

Color Options: Red/Silver/Black/Gold/Blue

Product Dimensions: 6.5cm x 6cm

Ball Diameter: 3cm

Package Contents: 1 x Solar Rotating Double Ring Suspension Car Aromatherapy Ornament + 1 x Fragrant