Toddler Brain Training Egg Toy

Unlock Your Child's Potential

Imagine your toddler unlocking their full potential with the aid of a playful, educational tool. Our interactive, geometric eggs are specifically designed to introduce toddlers to the world of numbers, figures, and colours. With our toy, your child can venture into the exciting world of learning through exploration and play. They come apart easily for little hands but stick together well enough that they don't fall apart when the toddler throws them around - so you can rest easy knowing your child is having fun, and learning in the process. We believe learning is the key to the future, which is why we designed our toddler brain training toy to help your little one get a jump start on their education.


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✓ Educational:  Help your pre-schooler unlock their full potential with educational games and activities.

✓ Durable: Our eggs are made with the highest quality and durability in mind, so your toddler can play with them for years.

✓ Inspire Curiosity:  Watch your toddler spark their interest as they take the eggs apart, match them, and learn to identify numbers and colours. We all know that learning can be boring, but our egg toy makes learning and playing fun.

✓ Safe: Made from international standard ABS materials, you can be confident that your toddler is playing with a safe and trusted product.

  Affordable Give your child a head start without breaking the bank. Our geometric eggs come in a convenient container, so you can store them away easily and neatly.


✓ Age category: From 6 months

✓ Features: Educational

✓ Material: ABS materials

✓ Gender: Unisex