Sofa Tray Table

Make Your Living Room Smarter

This sofa tray is used to fix the sofa You can put things on it stably, The surface is non-slip and hand-made to prevent things that need to be placed from falling off and soiling the sofa, convenient and practical.

Easy for reaching remote control, coffee, snacks, and phone, especially ideal for elders with mobility difficulty. Clamp-on design, create an instant and stable end table in a second, a good replacement for a huge console side table, and great for a home with limited space, apartment, and dorm. Made of durable natural bamboo, which grows faster than wood and is known to be stronger and more beautiful than regular wood

No assembly required – no stress, no tools required, install and uninstall in a second, just clip-on and off

Exquisite and small, does not take up space place the pallet the texture of the log is clearly visible, Luxurious sofa armrests full of details, enjoy a movie or live sports, and securely hold all your favorite drinks hot or cold on your sofa, or couch, armchair or recliner.

Simple design with excellent practicality delights and works great in any décor and is ideal for small living spaces such as apartments, condos, dorms, offices, and campers. Treat your loved ones to a thoughtful gift and help them enjoy their favorite snacks or drinks in the comfort of their couch.

Mobile modern corner table, Avoid wear and tear on the sofa, Perfect place for things and supplies, It fits every rectangular armrest and armrest and seat due to its longer length also perfect for rounded sofa arms.

Natural materials to meet the daily placement of items, Natural teak color is very suitable for placing some snacks, tea, fruits, remote control, drinks, etc.