Jellyfish Air Humidifier

Experience the Warmth and Comfort of Home

Our humidifier simulates the effects of an actual volcano fire to add a warm aesthetic to your home, especially during the winter season! The Jellyfish rings that our humidifier emits make a cool effect on your environment!

Perfect function: Our diffuser is made of high-quality PP material, after various tests, grinding, and professional processes, with intelligent LDE light, combined with the effect of a flame humidifier to create a very real flame atmosphere, so that you can enjoy a healthy, calm, life every day.

Innovative integrated design: Integrated design allows you to pick up with one hand to prevent dropping, when your other hand is then on the phone or in another busy state, you can pick up the machine with one hand without dropping it.

Safety Design: This flame humidifier diffuser adds 300ml of water and a few drops of your favorite aroma, it can work continuously for 18 hours, if the water runs out in the middle it will automatically power off and stop working, which means we are safer during use.

Easy to carry, silent effect: The aromatherapy diffuser has a super silent effect of 25db, which will not disturb any of your studies, work or sleep. Compact and space-saving, you can easily put it on your desk or in your carry-on luggage when you go out.