Electric Cleaning Brush

save Your Cleaning Time Hours 


Facilitate your work and reduce the cleaning time to a minimum. Have you ever had difficulties with cleaning or would you like to reduce the time spent on it, the solution is already here. Rounded brush Perfect as a concave cleaning brush for your bathtub or sink.

Flat brush Used to clean flat surface areas, like patio furniture or tile floor. (Small one ideal for cleaning smaller areas free of soap scum and mildew).

Pointed corner brush Great for cleaning window sill, corners, tight places, and even bicycle wheels.

 An electric brush is necessary for wet cleaning tiles, linoleum, windows, floors, sinks, and other smooth surfaces. The brush effectively and thoroughly removes dust and dirt and does not leave scratches or damage to enamel coatings. The electric brush can be used with various detergents. Significantly reduce cleaning time and quality. Forget about manual labour, leave time for yourself.


There are many uses not only for an apartment or home, the portability of this device will help solve many of your problems.